Our Team

CEO – David

David was born and raised in Long Island, NY, mostly in Brooklyn. Afterwards, David lived in Puerto Rico, and then Reading, PA. David is an US Army Veteran, and has a MS in Educational Technology, and a BA in Communications.

COO – Inez

Inez was born and raised in Reading, PA, and decided to move to Tucson to enjoy the sunny weather. She is an Instructional Designer, and Project Manager, with a MA in Adult Ed, and a PMP Certification.

Technician – Tim

Tim was born in Tucson, AZ, and grew up in Oregon. Tim loves the outdoors, and is also passionate with audio. Tim also works with video, film and images.

Technician – Josh

Joshua was born in New Jersey, and grew up all over the world, including Thailand, the Florida Keys, & Chicago. He graduated with a film degree in Columbia College in Illinois, and loves film theories and D&D.

Technician – Kevin

Kevin was born in Florida, and grew up in Germany, and later Tucson, AZ. He studied Film & Video Production, Computer Science & Graphic Arts at Pima Community College. He loves movies & animation.

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