Pricing & FAQ

These prices are current as of January 2023

Video Transfer – Consumer / Professional Formats
Video > DVD or Digital (up to 2 hrs)VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV, etc.28.00
Producer Pack (DVD + Digital)VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV, etc.38.00 (save $18)
Any Beta  > DVD or Digital (up to 2 hrs)Betamax/Betacam/U-Matic30.00
VHS / DVD in intl. conversion > DVD or DigitalRegions 2-730.00
HDV > Digital HD (up to 2 hrs)Per tape30.00
Digital file(s) to DVD (no montage)Per disc20.00
Use dual layer DVD (for 4 hour)Per discAdd 3.00
Digital file(s) to HD Blu-rayPer disc30.00
Upload to the cloud (per order)Google Drive / Youtube6.00
VHS / Disc repair & retrieval (no unfinalized)per tape / disc8.00 / 12.00
Finalization (if good condition)Per disc4.00
Cell phone retrieval > any driveApple or Android (Does not include drive)12.50 quarter hr labor
Editing Labor Services (audio/video/montage/other services)
Additional editing timeCharged in ¼ hour increments12.50 quarter hr labor
Consultation time with David (owner) onlyCharged in ¼ hour increments25 quarter hr labor
DVD/Blu-ray Duplication
Use Archival M-DiscPer discAdd 4.00
Exact Duplication110.00 DVD / 15.00 BRD
 2-208.00 DVD / 13.00 BRD
 21-506.00 DVD / 11.00 BRD
 51-994.00 DVD / 9.00 BRD
 100+3.00 DVD / 8.00 BRD
Color Custom labelsOver 50 copiesAdd 10.00 / order
Audio Transfer (Cassettes/LPs/Microcassettes/8-Track/Reel-to-reels/others)
Album, cassette, 8-track > CD or Digital80 mins. or less15.00
Reel-to-Reel / MiniDisc / DAC > CD or Digital80 mins. or less25.00
“Recordio” records > CD or DigitalAny size7.50 each
Cassette tape repair & replacePer tape8.00
CD Duplication
Exact Duplication1-105.00
Color Custom labelsOver 50 copiesAdd 10.00 / order
Film Transfer (8mm and 16mm film to digital)
Film Transfer Service0-1000 ft.0.20 per foot
 1001-2000 ft.0.18 per foot
 2000+ ft.0.16 per foot
Put to DVD with menusPer DVD needed+20.00
Add Super-8 / 16mm soundEditing to sync12.50 quarter hr labor
Slide Transfer
Special SlidesSquare 110, 126, or Super 1271.00
Regular 35mm Slide1-50 slides0.70
Photo / Negative Scan (any size up to 17 x 12)
Regular Size Photo1-1000.55
Photos in albums, booklets, postersPer photo0.55
35mm NegativesFilm Negatives / per strip3.00
Film RollsFilm roll of 3624.00
Loose Sheet NegativesAged, special, or odd-shaped (not rectangular)1.00
Camera CapturePoster or behind glass scan2.00
Audio/Video Production (events, memorials, podcasting – no editing time included)
Indoor Production – Video Studio2 Cameras (switcher) to MP4 video79.00 per hour
Indoor Production – Audio PodcastUp to 4 audio channels50 per hour
Outdoor Production – Local2-3 Cameras – 1-2 Operators100.00-200.00 per hour
Outdoor Production – Remote2-4 Cameras + Drone (Pro Team)250.00 per hour
Live Streaming – add-onStreaming to Youtube or similar50.00 per hour
Title Cards / Intros / MusicAny custom graphics / labor12.50 quarter hr
Logos / BrandingPer brand300.00 per instance
Photo RestorationPer photo / labor12.50 quarter hr
Travel to remote locationPer mile round trip0.46 per mile
Montage / Slideshow (add music, titles, pan/zooms, alternate transitions, and/or video – some editing time included)
Basic Montage – up to 150 images (1/2 hour editing time)1 CD w/ image files (if scanned) + 1 DVD w/ movie59.00
Deluxe Montage – 151 – 500 images (1 hour editing time)1 CD w/ image files (if scanned) + 1 DVD w/ movie99.00
Ultimate Montage – unlimited images & video up to 2 hrs (1-1/2 hour editing time)1 CD w/ image files (if scanned) + 1 DVD w/ movie149.00
Custom Song boughtPer song2.00
Thumbdrives / Flash Drives / Hard Drives (per gigabyte & terabyte)
Thumbdrives 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GBPer drive (add +5 per bigger drive)10/15/20/25/30
Hard Drives (2 TB, 4 TB)Per drive – other sizes available80/120


Q: So, should I have this work done?

A: Certainly! Depending on what it is, old films, tapes, and other analog media can be easily damaged or become unreliable with age. Also, as analog technology gets harder to find and maintain, it gets more expensive. So the longer you wait, the pricier it becomes to transfer your precious memories.

Q: I have an item I don’t recognize, can you help me?

A: Of course! Just send us a picture by email or text, call and describe the item, or bring it to us at the store, and we will gladly help. Our experts can then give you options for the recovery of the item.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: It depends. We do volume discounts for items such as 8-16mm film rolls, photo and slide scans, and duplications of discs, but not for transferring video or audio tapes because of the intense labor they take to do.

Q: Is this really the best quality I can get from my tapes or film?

A: There are places that offer full HD or 4K of VHS tape and film transfers, however, we have found that it just adds to the blurriness of the footage, and the gains are too small for the price. If you are interested in pursuing this level of quality, however, do let us know, and we can try to upscale and use AI for your footage at a higher but competitive cost.

Q: This is too expensive! Aren’t you just putting a tape to play and pushing a button?

A: There is a lot more to transferring footage than pushing buttons. We inspect the tapes for physical damage, dirt, and other factors, then transfer and inspect the footage. Then it is trimmed, and compressed to a portable format, and a copy is transferred to our servers. If it is burned to DVD or CD, we also make a label and choose an appropriate case for them. We then inspect all items to make sure they work before you have them.