“Arts at your Side” the use of visual and music arts as therapy

This was my senior project at Temple University for my Communications & Mass Media BA. I was a co-producer in the project, and it’s goal was to get funds to extend research on Art/Music Therapy for spinal cord injuries and other serious conditions. The next year, a producer for PBS recreated this documentary but with … Continue reading “Arts at your Side” the use of visual and music arts as therapy

“Hot Pion” telling the tragedy of the 1970 Hotel Pioneer Fire in Tucson, AZ

In 1970, a fire at a famous Tucson hotel (the Pioneer Hotel) changed the lives of not only the affected, but of the nation. After the fire, many fire code laws were created so a tragedy like this would never happen again. This 26 minute documentary was produced by the Pesqueira family, which some of … Continue reading “Hot Pion” telling the tragedy of the 1970 Hotel Pioneer Fire in Tucson, AZ

“I am a Snake” a project for when you have too much B-Roll

The video below was a gag video to reuse some b-roll for a project that showed one thing, that you can make a nonsensical video that is still watchable. I used a reverse tripod for a scene, almost everything else was from leftover footage.

past present future cd cover with uncle nard

“Just Listen” Music Video

This music video by David Robinson from Tal-kin Trees was edited, sung, and portrayed by him, but I filmed most scenes, and the drone footage. This is part of his “Past, Present, Future” album, which is available in most online music services, or through his website

2011 All College Day from PCC

Every year I was commissioned to create an open to the ceremonies of All College Day with Pima Community College. This video was the last one I did for them. It combines an open/hook (in a separate video), a traditional slideshow, and a final part made of multiple green screen shots. All of those were … Continue reading 2011 All College Day from PCC

A Door to a World of Art

This video won the 2010 Bronze Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in the documentary category. It is about the life & art of painter Joseph DiGiorgio (1931-2000), the large group of paintings that were inspired by the Tucson desert landscape, and that are now in the care of his friend Dan … Continue reading A Door to a World of Art

ArizMATYC Conference 2010 Video

This video was at the landing page of the ArizMATYC Organization’s conference webpage (now at for their 2010 conference, which was held at Pima Community College. We filmed it on location, and I edited it with Avid Media Composer.

Basic Sofrito Recipe, a mixture for sauteing

Sofrito is a group of ingredients blended together to make the cooking process faster, and makes many dishes taste better. Just saute some sofrito before you add other ingredients, and you will have your best meal in ages. I did eyeball the ingredients, so if you are not sure, a good rule is to use … Continue reading Basic Sofrito Recipe, a mixture for sauteing

Desire2Learn Bridge Course

This 2011 project was created to get faculty trained in a new learning management system, from Blackboard Vista to Desire2Learn. This version has both the preview hook, and the tutorial afterwards. It used a combination of an iMovie trailer, and a Camtasia video with some extra parts made with Avid Media Composer.

Fake One-Minute Commercials

These fake commercials were for an assignment just to show that I can put together one-minute advertising pieces. We had to use iMovie for them. Someone told me recently that the videos didn’t seem to show that the solutions were implemented. At the time I felt that we couldn’t fix life situations, we could just … Continue reading Fake One-Minute Commercials

FISH! the Quiz

A silly project from 2010 stemming from watching the FISH! Philosophy videos, and wanting to make our own in Pima Community College. There were many people involved in this project, and I want to thanks every one of them for participating in this video.

Girl Scouts PSAs

These videos were made to help my daughter and her fellow girl scouts with creating Public Service Announcements. Here are three below…

Lost in Expid: HTML5 Video Game

This is a demo game made with RPG Maker MV. It is only 5% complete, but it is a proof of concept of what can be done with HTML5. Go to Https://  to see the game.

Pima Community College 40th Anniversary Video

This promo was aired for the 40th Anniversary of Pima Community College. It was aired in their channel, and in cable. Some of the footage was shot by me. The end motion graphic was done with After Effects, everything else was with Avid Media Composer.

Trip to the Grand Canyon April 2014 (Not Edited)

This is a trip I took with my mom, this is the footage from the helicopter, so it will be low quality, noisy and long.

Tru Composure Promotions

Tru Composure is a Motown style band from Jacksonville Florida, and is now in Tucson. Because of the style of music, Tru Composure singer and founder Lamar White approached us to help in promoting locally in Tucson, by taping some of their shows. We have an abridged version of one to demonstrate their talent.

orange javelina with javelina project written below

Tubac Javelina Project (2019)

The Javelina Project was created in 2019 to promote the city of Tubac, AZ by creating a series of painted javelinas with the collaboration of local artists and distribute them throughout the state. I was the videographer for the artist interviews. The first video was a solo piece, and the second one is the whole … Continue reading Tubac Javelina Project (2019)

Writing From the Inside Out (Edited by J. Benson)

Jim Knight has an introductory video for his summer workshop at Amherst College’s Summer Program. If you have any questions, or would like to participate in this workshop, please contact Jim at 520-299-4514. Seating is limited.

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