2007 In-Camera Editing

I first started to experiment with miniDV and other tape formats of the day in an introductory video course. This is a video that I did for my course, shot at Shofuso House in Philadelphia. It was all edited in-camera, including the rudimentary title options. It also has my mom as a cameo. The audio was pumped in from an mp3 player, bonus points if you recognize it.

Here is another video that was made from common clips that everyone in the class had, and we needed to make a music video. I chose a song by Gackt, from Japan. I put in some camera effects, experimenting at the time. It was edited by having two cameras feeding from each other and playing the parts I wanted to the other tape. The video was compressed initially to fit on a cell phone, before the advent of smartphones.

(Coming Soon)

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