We can do (but are not limited to) the following services:

Video Event Production – One to three camera productions in HD or 4K for most events such as graduations, memorials, celebrations, stage events, and more. Broadcasting LIVE to almost anywhere in the world also available.

Film Transfer/Restoration – Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm are accepted. We inspect the film, do necessary repairs, and scan your films through a gentle digital process, and can recover most lost detail. After digitizing these films, can then put the video into a DVD, and/or a flash drive.

Audio/Video Transfer/Conversion – Most consumer formats such as VHS, Beta, audio cassette, Video8/Hi8, Vinyl, MiniDV/HDV, ¼ in. Reel to Reel, and 8 Track formats are accepted, and commercial formats like Betacam, DVCam, and DAT also accepted. We can then put the video or audio in CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, or in Digital MP4, MP3, WAV, MOV, AVI, H265, MPG, and many others in a flash drive.

Photo/Video Slideshow Production – Most common media such as slides, photos, audio recordings, documents, and home video are digitized to create your ideal slideshow. We can then put it on DVD, a flash drive, or in the cloud for your loved ones.

CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Duplication – Most disc types are accepted such as CDs, DVD+-R and DL, and Blue-Ray. Label printing, and casing is included. Optional inserts and shrink wrap also available!

Photo/Audio/Video Restoration – Most film/tape/media damages can be repaired, either physically or digitally. Free consultation available.

Technology Consulting/Repairs – Our technicians are experts and veterans of the consumer video industry, and can do recommendation for specific video/audio/computer electronic equipment based on your needs, and we can even do some repairs.

Drone Videography – Air video photography can increase any production value. Get HD and 4K video from the air, or even get a 360 degree video of your favorite event.